Thursday, 15 July 2021


I just put this simple little site together to share my creative expressions.

I've just written a short story for NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge, encouraged by the experience so far, I just wanted to have somewhere to put future writing and I already had the domain for my art, just no site.

This is a basic site so I can collect my stuff in one place and I will work on it in the future, having a space to share my creativity, that is what's important.

I haven't written or read fiction since I was about 12/13.

I write with some depth on Instagram posts that I have made sporadically since August 2020.

I did also write something at the beginning of 2020, I guess non-fiction? I don't really know, I don't really remember what I wrote except for one part regarding childhood memories. I have the document on my computer. It makes sense to project it into the aether now, reflected in the internet and transmitted into your mind if you are here to receive it.